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A pattern day trader (PDT) is a designation used for traders or investors that execute at least four day trades across the span of five business days. An enormously popular way to approach investing in today's digitized world, becoming a better day trader is as easy as knowing where to go for resources.

Day Trader Resources provides burgeoning professionals with the tools and resources they need to develop their skills as pattern day traders.

Let's take a closer look at how Day Trader Resources can lead you to the successful career in finance that you deserve.

Tools of the Trade

Finding success in today's dynamic trading environment requires preparation and a proper understanding of the tools available at your fingertips. Day Trader Resources connects with aspiring pattern day trader professionals to give them the resources they can rely on to succeed.


  • Equipment - Even a new pattern day trader needs to keep up with the tools of the trade. Trading platforms require live data feeds and accurate, up-to-date processing capabilities.

  • Education - Day Trader Resources utilizes a deep well of video FAQs to answer the most common and important questions. Topics covered include common obstacles, methodology, training, and common trading issues.

  • Final Evaluation - Through UProfit Trader, attendees will work with a program that shows their skills evaluated for profitability and consistency in real-time by trading Futures. Once an evaluation has been established and completed, students will find their Live Funded account fulfilled and ready for use as a Pro Trader.

UProfit Trader has designed an in-depth program that is geared toward comprehensively preparing new traders for the field. By focusing on education and preparation, traders can find an easier entrance into a competitive and promising field.

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